Spoke, again, finally…

I’m finally getting around to publishing this out here, but this is a link to my speaking engagement at this year’s (2013) Secure360 conference: http://secure360.org/schedule/culture-trumps-calculation/

I was pleased with the presentation and feedback received from the attendees. They were generally positive, some humorous, and a few constructive. However, the important part is that I was above average with my scores.

If you attended Secure360, you can go back in listen to the presentations here. I know I have, well, at least mine that is, over and over and over and….

Speaking at Secure360

I will be speaking at this year’s Secure360 conference in St. Paul, MN on what I think is an interesting aspect of information security risk management. I’ll be speaking on May 15th, the second day of the conference.

My presentation will explore a little about how people make decisions, from group think to type A personalities that seem to dominate the decision making process. When logic and reason come in contact with personality and passion, the clash can be interesting and at times make a security professional’s job a pain (unless you know how to make fun of it).

You can find my specific scheduled slot here with an overview description of my topic.

SIRA Podcast Debut and My Correction

After my speaking engagement at the Secure360 conference in St. Paul, MN, I participated in Society of Information Risk Analysts’ podcast.  The podcast recently went live and you can find it here:

Episode 6: Secure360 interviews

SIRA’s podcasts have typically been enjoyable and this one is no different.  Now, in spirit of “full disclosure”, my interview Continue reading